Non Cleanroom

For the non-cleanroom production line, the filter is produced in a normal environment unlike the high end filter produced within the cleanroom. This is because the original function of a pre-filter and secondary filter is to survive under harsh situations targeted at filtering out big-sized particle dust before the HEPA and ULPA takes place.

In addition, it extends the life span of the HEPA and ULPA series filter which is protected by the pre-filter and secondary filter. There are several types of filter properties available, such as the water proof type and anti-microbial type.

In the non-cleanroom area, there are 3 types of production line – the DeaKleen line (Pre-Filter), MiraDeep Borsa (Secondary Filter) and MiraCel II (Secondary Filter). These 3 production lines primarily focus on the pre-filter and secondary filter series.

DeaKleen line (Pre-Filter)
MiraDeep Borsa (Secondary Filter)
MiraCel II (Secondary Filter)