Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

HVAC design of Hospitals & other Healthcare Facilities, such as Clinics, outpatient care centres, and specialized care centres etc., are very challenging due to the reduced immune levels of the occupants. Complexity is mainly due to the diversified requirements in IAQ from one area to the other in the same building, such as O.T. Rooms, Isolation Rooms, General Ward, Clinics & Pharmacies etc.



Many contagious phenomena can occur easily in Hospitals & Healthcare facilities, when proper control of microorganisms is not taken care in the HVAC due to the usage of the ambient by different patients having complex & unique medical requirements. Also, must consider the safety of healthcare workers who are spending most of working hours inside the facilities. So, Clean, healthy air should be the highest priority in any hospital or medical facility.
Proper identification and usage of air filtration products provides patients, staff and visitors with a high degree of protection from airborne pollutants and microorganisms that can cause infection, disease and even death.


JAF having the expertise and know how in this industry, can supply filters that can contain the growth of microorganisms in the Air Handlers. The filtration products meet to the industry requirements, most reliable and proven with existing list of project references and case studies.

DeaKleen EC/SD/SU/SP/MG with Anti-microbial
HVAC - MiraCel II
Luna Box
LunaCel HC