In our Daily life, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry plays a significant role. Whether it is rural or urban or most of the areas, the climate of residential, commercial and industrial buildings is highly a requirement rather than a comfort or luxury. The air is conditioned (heated or cooled) in accordance with the preference of the dwellers.

Since the world’s population has always been growing ever since its existence, there is always a demand for construction of buildings with HVAC requirements, so this industry has plenty of room to improve, grow and expand.

The Problem

The main objective of HVAC industry is to achieve and maintain a good indoor Air Quality (IAQ), meaning a good human comfort & health. 

The Indoor Air of our concern , either taken from outside as fresh ambient air or re-circulated within the confined space of concern, generally gets attack by airborne contaminant due to infiltration by various phenomena, such as people movement & various daily activities. since this airborne contanimants are harmful either to products or people working in such environments their removal is a must on health and safety concerns.

The Solution

JAF is well known in this market by its vast experience for more than 60 years and through its extensive involvement in the industry, can offer best recommendations for any of the dust & energy saving requirements. JAF products undergo extensive quality compliance to meet the various international standards, such as, FM, UL, ISO 9000, ISO 13485 and others.


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