Lab Services

JAF’s Media Remaining Life Analysis is a testing service made available for our customers and sales representatives. Samples of media are tested periodically to assure filter performance is maintained within the specification, as there are other factors that might impact the media life, apart from the gaseous removal process alone. Types of gas-phase filter media offered by JAF range from virgin activated carbon, impregnated carbon and impregnated alumina. The media remaining life analysis is carried out as per the type of media installed at the targeted customer location.

Sampling is to be scheduled after 90 to 180 days upon installation of the new gas-phase filtration system. Thereafter, sampling can be done every three to six months to develop a profile on the system’s performance.

he impregnated media samples are laboratory analyzed via the acid-base titration, redox titration or gas challenge, the latter as per ASTM D6646. The remaining life for the virgin activated carbon will be estimated with Butane Activity. The observed data will be compared to that of the fresh sample and remaining life is estimated in terms of the un-reacted media remaining in the sample sent in by customer.

JAF Lab shall generate the full test report indicating system’s information, detailed explanation on the media remaining life, observations of any abnormal conditions, and recommendations for change or replacement so the filtration system is able to maintain an effective control of target contaminants.

  • Monitors media usage for a gas phase filtration system.
  • Analysis is capable to predict chemical media’s remaining life
  • Information obtained can reflect:
    • Existing system’s characteristics and effectiveness
    • Replacement cycle necessary for maximum performance.