Spa & Salon

Many beauty products contain chemicals that can endanger the health of the Beauty professional or their customers.


The Problem

Nowadays government regulations force Beauty products manufacturers to keep the level of certain substances below certain levels established by the National Health Departments. However certain manufacturers like to go beyond this and specialize in lines that are FREE of certain substances or that adhere to strict policies regarding the kind of raw material they use into their manufacturing products. By reading the label of cosmetics, you may find terms like Paraben FREE, Vegan, Natural, and Organic. By understanding, why cosmetics manufacturers has really need to do this in their labels, any one may conclude to the levels of ill effects those chemicals can cause to the end-users.


The Solution

We intend to explain some of those chemicals and would like to propose our solutions for removing them in the exhaust or prior to re-circulation in the air handlers catering SPA & SALON areas in this submittal.

The partial list of Molecular Contaminants can be as below:


TerraOxi Blend

TerraCarb Acid