JAF Cleanroom is a place where the environment is controlled by limiting the presence of sub-micron particles and modifying inadequate environmental conditions for the filters. This is one of the key factors in making high quality filters such as HEPA and ULPA Filters.

There are 4 production lines within the cleanroom area which are LunaCel production line, LunaKleen production line and Medical Hepa Filter for various types of medical devices.

  • LunaCel
  • LunaKleen
  • Advance Medical Production Line (HEPA filter for medical devise)

The LunaCel and LunaKleen Production Lines

The LunaCel production line and LunaKleen production line produces HEPA and ULPA type filter and in JAF Malaysia, we have 4 media pleating machines and we are proud to own one of the most advanced pleating machine that is able to produce air filters in different sizes.


We have LunaKleen come with Neoprene Gasket, Gel Seal and one piece PU Gasket (Auto Gasket).

Neoprene Gasket
Gel Seal
Auto Gasket